Spectrophotometer and consists of (photometer) to measure the extent weakened portion of the light strikes the sample divided into partial light for each wavelength light emitted from the light source (spectroscopic unit), were divided.
When the intensity of light after the Y and X to shed light on the strength of the samples were passed through the sample,
First, determine the transmittance. · · · T transmittance (%) = X / Y × 100
Next, find the absorbance from this transmittance.
Absorbance =-log (T/100)
And say why and how to calculate the absorbance, the concentration of the component to absorb light in the solution is proportional to the absorbance from.
Using the standard sample concentration was found in advance, creating a “calibration curve” in search of the relationship between concentration and absorbance, the concentration can be calculated by measuring the absorbance of the sample other.
Give it to measure the transmittance or absorbance This is a spectrophotometer.

Without tedious calculations, can you easily and accurately measure
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